World’s most affordable & easy to deploy spatial analytics and social distance detection

Now you can have real time occupancy and utilization data for every square meter and piece of furniture in your space, economically and at scale.

Take Smart Buildings

to the Next Level

A smart building without SixSense is like a brain without eyes. Adding SixSense enables the smart building to know how each square meter and piece of furniture is being used, unlocking precious data-driven insights and optimization. Use artificial intelligence to integrate, autonomously optimize, right-size and utilize your space.

Social Distance Detection

Automatically measure compliance with social distancing rules and send overcrowding alerts to your team.

Share real time occupancy or crowdedness information with users of your own app or website.

Space Utilizations

Right-size and optimize your portfolio based on space utilization data from SixSense. With SixSense you can drill down to an occupancy rate for each square meter or each piece of furniture. Log in to the SixSense online dashboard and data report generator to obtain any data that you need.

No Privacy Issues

Works with your existing CCTV cameras, adding no incremental privacy issues

Never stores any video images

Never tries to recognize the identity of any humans

Privacy-sensitive raw data are all processed locally

Space Utilizations

Reassure your guests and visitors that your space management is technology enabled with SixSense.

No Additional Hardware

SixSense is hardware agnostic and designed to utilize your existing sensors or any sensors that you choose.

Most Affordable Solution

Market studies have determined that SixSense is the most affordable solution in the market. This is both on a dollars-per-square-meter-per- year basis or a total dollar cost basis.

Real-time Online Dashboard & Report Generator

It’s like having your own “Google Analytics for Space”.

Get alerts anywhere you are.

Ready for your sixth sense-like superpower?

Start leveraging SixSense in your space today.